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For more than a century people have been using and depleting energy resources carefree, as if they were endless. In 2020 the world could find itself in a deadlock. The player has the power to go back in time and to rewrite history. 

The player’s objective: to reduce the consumption of energy, increase energy efficiency and choose the best renewable energies. He finds help with 3 advisers: economical, environmental, social, but it is up to the player to take the good decisions to improve our collective future!
the 3 advisors


Why a serious game ?

Inspired by active learning, the serious game proposes an immersive learning mode to develop critical thinking and motivation.
2020 Energy offers a perspective for debate and adds to traditional learning, which it couldn’t replace. 
  • The game offers complex questioning on the issues of efficiency and the reduction of our energy consumption, renewable energies and sustainable development.
  • It holds a comprehensive selection of information, but doesn’t replace a course.
  • It illustrates the key concepts linked to sustainable development without answering to all the questions and addresses some big picture debates that society has on energy questions.
  • By anchoring the training in reality, the game makes theoretical data and concepts lively.
  • The game encourages the sharing of points of views and experiences between peers while giving a true role to the educator.
  • The game promotes the children’s sense of responsibility and a citizen centred approach.  
Based on the codes and rules of video games, 2020 Energy‘s gameplay is at the crossroads between playing and learning. The educator and the teenagers easily find their mark. 
  • Missions replace the wording of a subject or problem
  • The rules of the game lay down the framework for reflection
  • The sustainable development advisers give back an answer sheet with information and commentaries
  • Scores replace grades and leaves the possibility to turn in work
  • With fun elements, the text content, rich, stays the central part of the serious game. 
One tiny change in the traditional teaching method: participants have the possibility to « play against » and the subjective point of view of the player is taken into account.