2020 Energy is a program produced by Tralalere with Universcience and Francetv éducation and with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe (European Commission) in the Framework of the Energy-Bits programme.



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The EU has set itself ambitious targets to achieve clean and secure energy for tomorrow. An optimal use of available tools is necessary to meet these targets. A wide range of technologies and methods exist to improve energy efficiency, turn renewables into viable energy sources and reduce emissions. However, market conditions prevent them from reaching their full potential. This is where the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme comes in.
The Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme is giving a boost to clean and sustainable solutions. It supports their use and dissemination and the Europe-wide exchange of related knowledge and know-how.
Targeted funding is provided for creative projects putting this idea into practice
The projects help to further the three main objectives:
  • Promoting energy efficiency and encouraging the rational use of energy sources;
  • Increasing the use of new and renewable energy sources as well as encouraging energy diversification;
  • Stimulating energy efficiency and renewables in the field of transport.



Tralalere logoCreated in 2000 by pioneers of cultural and educational media and communication experts for young audience, Tralalere produces digital educational content for children and their educational mediators, it declines on offline and online media: cartoons, serious games, web documentaries , interactive activities, games, websites, devices museum ... Tralalere designs and also implements comprehensive programs of public awareness aimed at children / parents / teachers in frames of educational and public broadcasting.



Universcience logoThe mission of universcience is to make science and technology accessible to all. A public institution, it is a flagship of excellence for science culture.

To achieve this goal, it follows a number of policies:
1. universcience encourages dialogue between research, science and society. 
2. universcience promotes a scientific approach, stimulates the curiosity of young visitors 
3. universcience helps to disseminate the culture of science and technology at both national and international levels 
4. universcience contributes to and reports on scientific research



    Free textual, audiovisual and multimedia contents

Francetv education produces and distributes innovative and various formats selected for their educational quality: articles and documents, slideshows and videos, infographics and timelines, quiz, selection of TV programs, web documentaries, games, serious games or interactive activities.



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France Televisions is the first French broadcasting group: each day, nearly four out of 10 French who watch the programs on our channels. Public service broadcasting, the group has a role in this respect in the social and cultural life which imposes an ambition and a constant requirement in the definition of its program offerings.



Energy bits logoEBITS  is produced by a consortium of 13 partners (Tv channels, university, producers) with the financial support of the European comission trough the IEE Agency. They come from Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Uk, Slovenia. 


Partenaires média / production audiovisuelle

Radio Television of the Belgian French-speaking Community (RTBF), Belgium

Jaromir Herskovic - HERAFILM (HERAFILM), Czech Republic

Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI), Italy

Radiotelevision Slovenia (RTVSLO), Slovenia

Television of Catalonia (TVC), Spain

Brook Lapping Productions Ltd. (BLP), United Kingdom


Partenaires scientifiques

HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU), Germany

Aristotle University of Thesssaloniki (AUTH), Greece

Research Academic Computer Technology Institute (RACTI), Greece

Energia-Da Ltd (EnerGia-Da), Italy

Media Education (MED), Italy

Brunel University, United Kingdom


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