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Produced with the financial support of Intelligent Energy Europe (European Commission) in the framework of the Energy-Bits project.
Created by Tralalere in co-production with Universcience & France Television Education.

Energy-Bits Project

  • Intelligent Energy Europe project officer: Martin Eibl
  • Project coordinator: Daniela Melandri
  • Editorial coordinator: Markus Nikel
Energy-Bits consortium members
  • Scientific committee
  • Aristoteli University of Thessaloniki - Georgios Christoforidis and Grigoris Papagiannis
  • Brunel university Maria kolokotroni - Evangelia Topriska and Peter Warren
  • Hafen City University -  Sonja Schelbach and Nele Riedel
Media partners
  • Radio Television of the Belgian French-speaking Community (RTBF), Belgium
  • HERAFILM, Czech Republic
  • Radiotelevisione Italiana (Rai), Italy
  • Radiotelevision Slovenia (RTVSLO), Slovenia
  • Television of Catalonia (TVC), Spain
  • Brook Lapping Productions Ltd. (BLP), United Kingdom
Universcience - Simon Bachelier
France Télévision Education - Elodie Buronfosse, Monika Keller, Hermine Vallin
Broadcast partners
Ligue de l'Enseignement


  • CEO: Deborah Elalouf
  • Production Manager: Eve Sarradet
  • Executive Director: Denis Schlumberger
  • Communication Director: Pascale Garreau
  • Technical Director: Denis Chiron
Project Manager: Sophie de Quatrebarbes
Producer: Fanny Alvado
Artistic directors: Nicolas Clauss, Vincent Farges & Jean-Michel Lasausa
Sound designer : Jean-Jacques Birgé
Scriptwriter: Audrey Mikaëlian 
Developers: Didier Bazoge et Sebastien Desarmaux for BGBOX, Vincent Fauche for Tralalere
Cast: Akim, Belinda, Bertrand, Cindy, Christine, Corentin, Emma, Francois, Matthieu, Sylvie
Youth Panel
Students of Hugues-Bernard High School in Poitiers Venours
Under the supervision of Xavier Citron, with the help of the pedagogical staff: Vincent De Piepape, Fabienne Habrioux, Marie Lecoublet, Jacky Mola, Eric Narcy Betty Valette and Jocelyne Waltener.
Thanks to
Jean-Marc Merriaux for believing in the project from the start
as well as
Isabelle Breda, Gérard Bonhoure, Jean-Michel Valentin, Anne Wix, Christian Gautellier & Christine Menzaghi
and for their sharp eye on the content of the game:
Michele Jouhanneau & Richard Lavergne from the French Ministry of Sustainable Development, Yves Marignac from Negawatt non-profit organization, Jacques Chavin & Helene Guinot from La Ligue de l'enseignement, Elisabeth le Bris from CEMEA, Julien Llanas, history teacher and serious game expert for the French Ministry of Education. 


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Educational digital content creator
Headquarters: Path Pinaquy - 64990 Urcuit
Secondary establishment: 4 rue de Braque - 75003 Paris
Editor: Deborah Elalouf
Project leader: Sophie Quatrebarbes


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