French youth panel

Xavier Bernard High School in Poitier-Venours is a general and technical agriculture Educational Institution. It includes an option for sustainable development. Throughout the year we worked with two classes. We have met them four times in order to collect their views, work with them on energy issues and test the game. They participated actively in the creation of the Serious Game 2020 Energy Bits providing their comments, ideas, criticisms, and suggestions on both contents, form and functionality of the game.


They tell their experience on the blog from their school. Here are some experts.


Monday, October 10th we had a meeting with members of "Tralalère" on creating a "serious game": 2020 Energy Bits. Tralalère is a Paris-based company that does exist for 10 years and which develops and markets video games.

First we were asked about the theme of sustainable development by asking our opinion on the subject, what we knew ... Example: what is sustainable development and what we think about it, where do we heard about, in which context ...

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In the frameworks of the option EATDD (ecology, agronomy, sustainable development), the second general students are creating a "serious game" with the company Tralalère on sustainable development. To create this game, several workshops were conducted, among other things, the creation of a song, a poster but making videos to discover here.

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The third session was devoted to the presentation of the first screens of the game and testing of the first content.


Test of the game in several context and work on the glossary

Thank You !

Xavier Citron, Geography & History teacher who has contacted us and enthusiastically participate in this experience.

The teaching staff, who greeted us warmly throughout the year.

Thank you to all students of the second A and B of the Xavier-Bernard High School .