The Energy Bits soirée and Video Award Ceremony took place on Thursday 27th of June 2013, in Halles St. Gery, on the occasion of the European Sustainable Week 2013.

Organized by Energy Bits consortium, the event was a special occasion for European institutions, experts, media players and students to gather and share experiences and ideas on energy efficiency and renewables.

The students of Xavier Bernard school (France) inaugurated the ceremony with their song "Black Tears" (Larmes noires) which received a special mention from the jury of the international competition.

A great performance followed by the projection of the video produced for “Have your say” contest.

During the ceremony, the three winning student videos competition were presented. The winners received their awards and here is the list of the projects:

  • Best original idea - “Change Habits or change Planet – Greece
  • Best scientific content - “Born for Solar Energy” – Germany
  • Audience award - “Cans” – Spain


n France, many students participated to the European competition and here are the four french finalists:


Thank you again to all students who took part in "Have your say" contest and you can find below "Si j’étais" video series, produced by Xavier Bernard school students, our youth panel.
Si j'étais...un cheval
Si j'é lune
Si j'étais...un marchand de légumes
Si j'étais...une poule
Si j'étais...maire de Poitiers
Si j'étais...dieu
Si j'étais...un artiste
Si j'étais...dieu
Si j'étais...un super héro
Si j'étais...l'Assemblée Nationale
Si j'étais...l'océan
Si j'étais ... un fabricant de voiture
Si j'étais...pilote de ligne
Si j'étais...maire de Marseille
Si j'étais...un nénuphar
Si j'étais...une chanteuse
Si j'étais...un groupe de rock
Si j'étais...un guitariste
Si j'étais...directeur d'école
Si j'étais...une vache
Si j'étais ... une architecte
Si j'étais ... un scientifique