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Produced with the financial support of Intelligent Energy Europe (European Commission) in the framework of the Energy-Bits project.

Created by Tralalere in co-production with Universcience & Francetv éducation.



The ENERGY-BITS programme

Logo Energy Bits
The serious game 2020 Energy was designed within the framework of ENERGY-BITS a European cross-media awareness programme for teenagers (14-18 years old) financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. Energy-BITS encourages more responsible and efficient behaviours in energy consumption and promotes renewable energies.  
ENERGY-BITS, for educators and the general public:
  • 24 documentaries
  • 1 webdocumentary
  • 1 serious game
  • 1 collaborative and social space
These resources were created by 13 partners across Europe and are available in 9 European languages on the platform www.energybits.eu. 
The serious game introduces energy issues with a sustainable development message in a fun way through 9 interactive missions. It can be used as an introduction to the notion of sustainable development or to assess the acquired skills at the end of a school programme.
The Energy-Bits documentaries are linked to each mission of the game. They show a concrete answer by one European country to a question raised by the game. They can be used for case studies.
The Energy-Bits programme has a collaborative dimension and invites the young, individually or collectively in their educative sphere, to get mobilized. After playing and watching the documentaries, you can participate in the contest “Have your say” by directing a video with your class on the theme of Energy.

EACI project officer: Martin Eibl

Project coordinator : Daniela Melandri

Editorial coordinator : Markus Nikel

Scientific commission: 

Brunel university Maria kolokotroni
Peter Warren and Evangelia Topriska
Hafen City University is Nele Riedel and Sonja Schelbach
Aristoteli University of thessaloniki Grigoris Papagiannis and Georgios Christoforidis

Consortium: EnerGia-Da (Italie), Artistole University of Thessaloniki (Grèce), Brook Lapping Productions (UK), MED Media Education (Italie), Computer Technology Institute (Grèce), RTBF (Belgique), RTVSLO (Slovénie), Herafilm (République Tchèque), RAI (Italie), Brunel University (UK), HafenCity University Hamburg (Allemagne), TVC (Spain), Tralalere (France)